Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today is the day that Christ has triumphed over Sin and Death, completing the task set before Him by our Creator. Who because He loves us so, He gave His Son as a sacrifice for our sins. He Who knew no sin, became the substitute for us, the Lamb of God, so that we might be redeemed unto to Him. Praise God, Praise Jesus! 

1 Moreover brethren, I declare unto you the Gospel which I preached unto you, which ye have also received, and wherein ye continue,
2 And whereby ye are saved, if ye keep in memory, after what manner I preached it unto you, except ye have believed in vain.
3 For first of all, I delivered unto you that which I received, how that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures,
4 And that he was buried, and that he arose the third day, according to the Scriptures,
5 And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve.
6 After that, he was seen of more than five hundred brethren at once: whereof many remain unto this present, and some also are asleep.
7 After that, he was seen of James: then of all the Apostles.
8 And last of all he was seen also of me, as of one born out of due time.
9 For I am the least of the Apostles, which am not meet to be called an Apostle, because I persecuted the Church of God.
10 But by the grace of God I am that I am: and his grace which is in me, was not in vain: but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which is with me.
11 Wherefore, whether it were I, or they, so we preach, and so have ye believed.
12 Now if it be preached, that Christ is risen from the dead, how say some among you, that there is no resurrection of the dead?
13 For if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen:
14 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.
15 And we are found also false witnesses of God: for we have testified of God, that he hath raised up Christ: whom he hath not raised up, if so be the dead be not raised.
16 For if the dead be not raised, then is Christ not raised.
17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain: ye are yet in your sins.
18 And so they which are asleep in Christ, are perished.
19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most miserable.
20 But now is Christ risen from the dead, and was made the firstfruits of them that slept.
21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.
22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
23 But every man in his own order: the firstfruits is Christ, afterward, they that are of Christ, at his coming shall rise again.
24 Then shall be the end, when he hath delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father, when he hath put down all rule, and all authority and power.
25 For he must reign till he hath put all his enemies under his feet.
26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed, is death.
27 For he hath put down all things under his feet. (And when he saith that all things are subdued to him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put down all things under him.)
28 And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him, that did subdue all things under him, that God may be all in all.
29 Else what shall they do which are baptized for dead? if the dead rise not at all, why are they then baptized for dead?
30 Why are we also in jeopardy every hour?
31 By your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.
32 If I have fought with beasts at Ephesus after the manner of men, what advantageth it me, if the dead be not raised up? let us eat and drink: for tomorrow we shall die.
33 Be not deceived: evil speakings corrupt good manners.
34 Awake to live righteously, and sin not: for some have not the knowledge of God, I speak this to your shame.
35 But some man will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body come they forth?
36 O fool, that which thou sowest, is not quickened, except it die.
37 And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare corn as it falleth, of wheat, or of some other.
38 But God giveth it a body at his pleasure, even to every seed his own body.
39 All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of men, and another flesh of beasts, and another of fishes, and another of birds:
40 There are also heavenly bodies, and earthly bodies: but the glory of the heavenly is one, and the glory of the earthly is another.
41 There is another glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.
42 So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, and is raised in incorruption.
43 It is sown in dishonor, and is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness, and is raised in power.
44 It is sown a natural body, and is raised a spiritual body: there is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.
45 As it is also written, The first man Adam was made a living soul: and the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.
46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual: but that which is natural, and afterward that which is spiritual.
47 The first man is of the earth, earthly: the second man is the Lord from heaven.
48 As is the earthly, such are they that are earthly: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.
49 And as we have born the image of the earthly, so shall we bear the image of the heavenly.
50 This say I, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.
51 Behold, I show you a secret thing, We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet: for the trumpet shall blow, and the dead shall be raised up incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption: and this mortal must put on immortality.
54 So when this corruptible hath put on incorruption, and this mortal hath put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying, that is written, Death is swallowed up into victory.
55 O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?
56 The sting of death is sin: and the strength of sin is the Law.
57 But thanks be unto God, which hath given us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, abundant always in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.
The First Epistle to the Corinthians Chapter 15:1-58

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some call tomorrow Easter, others disdaining the term as it originates from pagan beliefs, call it Resurrection Day.  For me, it's not what you call it, but what it means to me a disciple of Christ. 

It is the day, that Christ has triumphed over sin and death. We are no longer under the curse of sin, or as the Apostle Paul said the wages of sin which is death. We are promised life eternal with God. Jesus said that He Himself is the Resurrection, not that he brings it to you, but that He IS it. (John 11:25-26) That whoever believes in Him will have life. Think on this for a moment, if God, who created Adam from the dust, could do so, can he not, re-create us after we have passed on? For as the scripture says, with God nothing is impossible. (See Matthew 19:25-26)

Let us therefore, and without shame, rejoice in this day. For the promise given to us at the birth of Christ Jesus is fulfilled in that the work is now completed. We are redeemed!

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Daily Meditation

1 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken
me, and art so far from mine health, and from the
words of my roaring?
7 All they that see me, have me in derision: they
make a mow and nod the head, saying,
8 He trusted in the Lord, let him deliver him:
let him save him, seeing he loveth him.
16 For dogs have compassed me, and the assembly
of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced mine
hands and my feet.
18 They part my garments among them, and cast
lots upon my vesture
The Book of Psalms Chapter 22:1, 7-8, 16, 18

9 Yea, my familiar friend, whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up the heel against me.
The Book of Psalms Chapter 41:9

27 They crucified also with him two thieves, the one on the right hand, and the other on his left.
28 Thus the Scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was counted among the wicked.
29 And they that went by, railed on him, wagging their heads, and saying, Hey, thou that destroyest the Temple, and buildest it in three days,
30 Save thyself, and come down from the cross.
31 Likewise also even the high Priests mocking, said among themselves with the Scribes, He saved other men, himself he cannot save.
32 Let Christ the king of Israel now come down from the cross, that we may see, and believe. They also that were crucified with him, reviled him.
The Gospel According to Mark Chapter 15:27-32

39 And one of the evildoers, which were hanged, railed on him, saying, If thou be that Christ, save thyself and us.
40 But the other answered, and rebuked him, saying, Fearest thou not God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?
41 We are indeed righteously here: for we receive things worthy of that we have done: but this man hath done nothing amiss.
42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me, when thou comest into thy kingdom.
43 Then Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.
The Gospel According to Luke Chapter 23:39-43

Read One Psalm a Day
Psalm Ninety One

1 Who so dwelleth in the secret of the most
High, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say unto the Lord, O my hope, and my
fortress: he is my God, in him will I trust.
3 Surely I will deliver thee from the snare of the
hunter, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 He will cover thee under his wings, and thou
shalt be sure under his feathers: his truth shall be
thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid of the fear of the
night: nor of the arrow that flieth by day:
6 Nor of the pestilence that walketh in the darkness:
nor of the plague that destroyeth at noon day.
7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand
at thy right hand, but it shall not come near thee.
8 Doubtless with thine eyes shalt thou behold
and see the reward of the wicked.
9 For thou hast said, The Lord is mine hope: thou
hast set the most High for thy refuge.
10 There shall none evil come unto thee, neither
shall any plague come near thy tabernacle.
11 For he shall give his Angels charge over thee
to keep thee in all thy ways.
12 They shall bear thee in their hands, that thou
hurt not thy foot against a stone.
13 Thou shalt walk upon the lion and asp: the young
lion, and the dragon shalt thou tread under feet.
14 Because he hath loved me, therefore will I
deliver him: I will exalt him because he hath known
my Name.
15 He shall call upon me, and I will hear him: I
will be with him in trouble: I will deliver him, and
glorify him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him, and show him
my salvation.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Daily Meditation

5 And from Jesus Christ which is that faithful witness, and that first begotten of the dead, and that Prince of the Kings of the earth, unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his blood (a)
The Book of Revelations Chapter 1:5 
(a) Notation - A most ample and grave commendation of Christ, first from his offices the Priesthood and kingdoms, secondly from his benefits, as his love toward us, and washing us with his blood, in this verse, and communication of his kingdom and Priesthood with us: thirdly from his eternal glory and power, which always is to be celebrated of us

30 For that day shall the Priest make an atonement for you to cleanse you: ye shall be clean from all your sins before the Lord.
The Book of Leviticus Chapter 16:30

4 And no man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.
5 So likewise Christ took not to himself this honor to be made the high Priest, but he that said unto him, Thou art my son, this day begat I thee, gave it him.
6 As he also in another place speaketh, Thou art a Priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek,
9 And being consecrated, was made the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him:
10 And is called of God an high Priest after the order of Melchizedek.
11 Of whom we have many things to say, which are hard to be uttered, because ye are dull of hearing.
The Epistle to the Hebrews Chapter 5:4-5, 9-11

6 And that ye may know that the Son of man hath authority in earth to forgive sins then said he unto the sick of the palsy, Arise, take up thy bed, and go to thine house.
The Gospel According to Matthew Chapter 9:6

2 And he is the reconciliation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
9 If we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
The First Epistle of John Chapter 2:2, Chapter 1:9

38 Then Peter said unto them, Amend your lives, and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins: and ye shall receive the gift of the holy Ghost.
19 Amend your lives therefore, and turn, that your sins may be put away, when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2:38, Chapter 3:19

Read One Psalm a Day
Psalm Ninety

1 Lord, thou hast been our habitation from
generation to generation.
2 Before the mountains were made, and before
thou hadst formed the earth, and the world, even
from everlasting to everlasting thou art our God.
3 Thou turnest man to destruction: again thou
sayest, Return ye sons of Adam.
4 For a thousand years in thy sight are as yesterday
when it is past, and as a watch in the night.
5 Thou hast overflowed them, they are as a sleep,
in the morning he groweth like the grass:
6 In the morning it flourisheth and groweth, but
in the evening it is cut down and withereth.
7 For we are consumed by thine anger, and by
thy wrath are we troubled.
8 Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, and
our secret sins in the light of thy countenance.
9 For all our days are past in thine anger: we have
spent our years as a thought.
10 The time of our life is threescore years and
ten, and if they be of strength, fourscore years: yet
their strength is but labor and sorrow: for it is cut
off quickly, and we flee away.
11 Who knoweth the power of thy wrath? for
according to thy fear is thine anger.
12 Teach us so to number our days, that we may
apply our hearts unto wisdom.
13 Return (O Lord, how long?) and be pacified
toward thy servants.
14 Fill us with thy mercy in the morning: so shall
we rejoice and be glad all our days?
15 Comfort us according to the days that thou
hast afflicted us, and according to the years that we
have seen evil.
16 Let thy work be seen toward thy servants, and
thy glory upon their children.
17 And let the beauty of the Lord our God be
upon us, and direct thou the work of our hands
upon us, even direct the work of our hands.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Daily Meditation

4 But when that bountifulness and that love of God our Savior toward man appeared,
5 Not by the works of righteousness, which we had done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of the new birth, and the renewing of the holy Ghost,
6 Which he shed on us abundantly, through Jesus Christ our Savior,
7 That we, being justified by his grace, should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.
The Epistle to Titus Chapter 3:4-7

4 But God which is rich in mercy, through his great love wherewith he loved us,
5 Even when we were dead by sins, hath quickened us together in Christ, by whose grace ye are saved,
The Epistle to the Ephesians Chapter 2:4-5

3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a [a]lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,
The First Epistle of Peter Chapter 1:3

Read One Psalm a Day
Psalm Eighty Nine

1 I will sing the mercies of the Lord forever: with
my mouth will I declare thy truth from generation
to generation.
2 For I said, Mercy shall be set up forever: thy
truth shalt thou stablish in the very heavens.
3 I have made a covenant with my chosen: I have
sworn to David my servant,
4 Thy seed will I stablish forever, and set up thy
throne from generation to generation. Selah.
5 O Lord, even the heavens shall praise thy
wondrous work: yea, thy truth in the Congregation
of the Saints.
6 For who is equal to the Lord in the heaven? and
who is like the Lord among the sons of the gods?
7 God is very terrible in the assembly of the Saints,
and to be reverenced above all that are about him.
8 O Lord God of hosts, who is like unto thee, which
art a mighty Lord, and thy truth is about thee?
9 Thou rulest the raging of the Sea: when the
waves thereof arise, thou stillest them.
10 Thou hast beaten down Rahab as a man
slain: thou hast scattered thine enemies with thy
mighty arm.
11 The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine:
thou hast laid the foundation of the world, and all
that therein is.
12 Thou hast created the North and the South:
Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thy Name.
13 Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand,
and high is thy right hand.
14 Righteousness and equity
shall walk in the light of thy countenance, O Lord.
16 They shall rejoice continually in thy Name, and
in thy righteousness shall they exalt themselves.
17 For thou art the glory of their strength, and
by thy favor our horns shall be exalted. (a)
18 For our shield appertaineth to the Lord, and
our King to the Holy one of Israel.
19 Thou spakest then in a vision unto thine
Holy one, and saidest, I have laid help upon one
that is mighty: I have exalted one chosen out of
the people.
20 I have found David my servant: with mine holy
oil have I anointed him.
21 Therefore mine hand shall be established with
him, and mine arm shall strengthen him.
22 The enemy shall not oppress him, neither shall
the wicked hurt him.
23 But I will destroy his foes before his face, and
plague them that hate him.
24 My truth also and my mercy shall be with him,
and in my Name shall his horn be exalted.
25 I will set his hand also in the sea, and his right
hand in the floods.
26 He shall cry unto me, Thou art my Father, my
God, and the rock of my salvation.
27 Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than
the kings of the earth.
28 My mercy will I keep for him for evermore,
and my Covenant shall stand fast with him.
29 His seed also will I make to endure forever,
and his throne as the days of heaven.
30 But if his children forsake my Law, and walk
not in my judgments:
31 If they break my statutes, and keep not my
32 Then will I visit their transgression with the
rod, and their iniquity with strokes.
33 Yet my loving kindness will I not take from
him, neither will I falsify my truth.
34 My Covenant will I not break, nor alter the
thing that is gone out of my lips.
35 I have sworn once by mine holiness, that I will
not fail David, saying,
36 His seed shall endure forever, and his throne
shall be as the sun before me.
37 He shall be established for evermore as the moon,
and as a faithful witness in the heaven. Selah.
38 But thou hast rejected and abhorred, thou hast
been angry with thine anointed.
39 Thou hast broken the Covenant of thy servant,
and profaned his crown, casting it on the ground.
40 Thou hast broken down all his walls: thou hast
laid his fortresses in ruin.
41 All that go by the way, spoil him: he is a rebuke
unto his neighbors.
42 Thou hast set up the right hand of his enemies,
and made all his adversaries to rejoice.
43 Thou hast also turned the edge of his sword,
and hast not made him to stand in the battle.
44 Thou hast caused his dignity to decay, and cast
his throne to the ground.
45 The days of his youth hast thou shortened,
and covered him with shame. Selah.
46 Lord, how long wilt thou hide thyself, forever?
shall thy wrath burn like fire?
47 Remember of what time I am: wherefore shouldest
thou create in vain all the children of men?
48 What man liveth, and shall not see death?
shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave?
49 Lord, where are thy former mercies, which thou
swarest unto David in thy truth?
50 Remember, O Lord, the rebuke of thy servants,
which I bear in my bosom of all the mighty people.
51 For thine enemies have reproached thee, O
Lord, because they have reproached the footsteps
of thine Anointed. (b)
52 Praised be the Lord for evermore. So be it, even
so be it.

(a) Editor’s notation - Read Psalm 84:5-7
(b) Editor’s notation - Read John 15:18

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Daily Meditation

11 For that grace of God, that bringeth salvation unto all men, hath appeared,
12 And teacheth us, that we should deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and that we should live soberly and righteously, and godly in this present world,
13 Looking for that blessed hope, and appearing of that glory of that mighty God, and of our Savior Jesus Christ.
14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purge us to be a peculiar people unto himself, zealous of good works.
15 These things speak, and exhort, and convince with all authority. See that no man despise thee.
The Epistle to Titus Chapter 2:11-15

18 And all things are of God, which hath reconciled us unto himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given unto us the ministry of reconciliation.
19 For God was in Christ, and reconciled the world to himself, not imputing their sins unto them, and hath committed to us the word of reconciliation.
20 Now then are we ambassadors for Christ: as though God did beseech you through us, we pray you in Christ’s stead, that ye be reconciled to God.
21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, which knew no sin, that we should be made the righteousness of God in him.
The Second Epistle to the Corinthians Chapter 5:18-21

12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for among men there is given none other Name under heaven, whereby we must be saved.
The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 4:12

43 To him also give all the Prophets witness, that through his Name all that believe in him, shall receive remission of sins.
The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 10:43

5 For there is one God, and one Mediator between God and man, which is the man Christ, 
6 Who gave himself a ransom for all men, to be that testimony in due time,
The First Epistle to Timothy Chapter 2:6-7

Read One Psalm a Day
Psalm Eighty Eight

1 O Lord God of my salvation, I cry day and
night before thee.
2 Let my prayer enter into thy presence: incline
thine ear unto my cry.
3 For my soul is filled with evils, and my life
draweth near to the grave.
4 I am counted among them that go down unto
the pit, and am as a man without strength,
5 Free among the dead, like the slain laying in
the grave, when thou rememberest no more, and
they are cut off from thy hand.
6 Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness,
and in the deep.
7 Thine indignation lieth upon me, and thou
hast vexed me with all thy waves. Selah.
8 Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far
from me, and made me to be abhorred of them: I
am shut up, and cannot get forth.
9 Mine eye is sorrowful through mine affliction:
Lord, I call daily upon thee: I stretch out mine hands
unto thee.
10 Wilt thou show a miracle to the dead? or shall
the dead rise and praise thee? Selah.
11 Shall thy loving kindness be declared in the
grave? or thy faithfulness in destruction?
12 Shall thy wondrous works be known in the dark?
and thy righteousness in the land of oblivion?
13 But unto thee, have I cried, O Lord, and early
shall my prayer come before thee.
14 Lord, why dost thou reject my soul, and hidest
thy face from me?
15 I am afflicted and at the point of death: from
my youth I suffer thy terrors, doubting of my life.
16 Thine indignations go over me, and thy fear
hath cut me off.
17 They came round about me daily like water,
and compassed me together.
18 My lovers and friends hast thou put away from
me, and mine acquaintance hid themselves.

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Daily Meditations

He lives! As both the Apostles Matthew and Mark have stated in their Gospels; He is the God of the living, not of the dead. The Psalmist David had also said it is not the dead that praise Him, but the living. (see Psalms 115:17, and Psalm 6:5). Give praise and honor to Him that has given you His Grace. 

25 For I am sure that my Redeemer liveth, and he shall stand the last on the earth.
The Book of Joby Chapter 19:25

10 Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the heathen, and I will be exalted in the earth.
The Book of Psalms Chapter 46:10

10 But the Lord is the God of truth: He is the living God, and an everlasting King: at His anger the earth shall tremble, and the nations cannot abide His wrath.
The Book of Jeremiah Chapter 10:10

16 Then Simon Peter answered, and said, Thou art that Christ, the son of the living God
The Gospel According to Matthew Chapter 16:16

69 And we believe and know that thou art that Christ that Son of the living God.
The Gospel According to John Chapter 6:69

3 In that ye are manifest, to be the Epistle of Christ, ministered by us, and written, not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not in tables of stone, but in fleshly tables of the heart.
The Second Epistle to the Corinthians Chapter 3:3

Read One Psalm a Day
Psalm Eighty Seven

1 God laid his foundations among the holy
2 The Lord loveth the gates of Zion above all
the habitations of Jacob.
3 Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of
God. Selah.
4 I will make mention of Rahab and Babel among
them that know me: behold Palestine and Tyre with
Ethiopia, There is he born.
5 And of Zion it shall be said, Many are born in
her: and he, even the most High shall stablish her.
6 The Lord shall count, when he writeth the
people, He was born there. Selah.
7 As well the singers as the players on instruments
shall praise thee: all my springs are in thee.