Friday, February 5, 2010

A Response to a Question on Facebook

I believe, INMO, that the most important aspect was to awaken the American people, who for a couple of decades have looked upon Washington, and it's parasites, as business as usual, and that there was little if anything they could do about it.

It has caused many of the bills before congress to be stalled. The elites have indeed heard us, and not liking what they are hearing are still trying to figure out ways to ram their agenda down our throats. However many Americans are a lot more aware of what's going on.

Even without the so often cited "transparency" (that isn't), Joe Public now veiws the Statists with total mistrust and will pick apart piece by piece anything that will come down the pike.

I think the next direction that is needed for the teaparty is to begin to become the new face of the GOP. THAT is a very difficult task, but not one that is impossible. Once that happens the MSPM, (mainstream propaganda media) will be forced to take notice. Oh, yes we'll be criticized, made fun of, spoken ill of, demonized, however we are beginning to see that whatever they now say, usually turns around and bites them back a lot harder than it does us. Secondly, they become less and less relevant each and every day.